There wasn’t much talking needed to convince our product manager Stefan Riehle to start at the TORTOUR Cyclocross beginning of February. Here are his experiences and personal impressions from the event.

DT Swiss bei der Tortour Cyclocross

3 stages – 180 kilometers – almost 3000 meters of altitude – actually I’m not too sure anymore, if that was a great idea. Anyhow it’s too late to think about it now. The race is on and I’m sprinting up a gravel path with almost 200 other crazy guys. At first glance, the prolog of the TORTOUR Cyclocross doesn’t seem to be very challenging. A small four kilometer circuit, which has to be ridden eight times. The only thing I didn’t know about was this nasty, steep gravel climb, which is flooding my legs with lactic acid. What a nice start into this weekend!

Saturday morning, 9 o’clock – my legs are still a bit sore from yesterday’s effort. Freezing temperatures are most probably the reason for another speedy start into the stage. Have a look at our 360° video.

I felt good – really good – and then I had to stop. Three kilometers into the race my front wheel punctured, leaving me in the middle of nowhere, trying to patch my tire with ice-cold fingers.

PM Stefan Riehle at Tortour
PM Stefan Riehle’s dreams of a top ten finish dashed by a nasty flat...
... the chase is on!

Nevertheless, after four hours chasing behind my competitors and another flat tire shortly before the finish line, it was done and a proper plate of Pasta was waiting at the finish line.  A quick shower, cleaning my bike and then it’s all about rest for the sore muscles to repeat on Sunday.

My personal conclusion from the weekend?

Two punctures, a nasty bonk and way too much lactic acid for one weekend, but overall it was great! Everybody who is looking for proper cyclocross riding, should try out the TORTOUR Cyclocross once.

When is the next edition scheduled? 😉

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