The Swiss Twins Anita and Caro Gehrig are now on DT Swiss. For those who don’t know them yet: Anita and Caro are among the best Enduro riders in the world. Anita got fourth and Caro fifth in the overall ranking of the Enduro World Series 2017 season.

The sisters will face the toughest Enduro racing series in the world, the EWS, again this year. We are proud that they will rely on our material for these challenges. In addition to the EWS, the two will also attend Crankworx and organize and lead bike camps specifically designed for women at their home base in Flims.

We asked them six questions to get to know them a bit better:

Interview Gehrig Twins

How did you get into mountain biking?
Our first contact with downhill was in 2003 at the World Champs in Lugano, Switzerland. Our brother was selected to race the junior XC race. Watching the DH, we were fascinated about the speed and action. We definitely wanted to try it, but it took several years until we could afford our first bike, so we started riding in 2007.

When did you get in contact with DT Swiss for the first time?
We can’t really remember a specific date but since we started doing races we know that DT Swiss is the benchmark in wheels because of the outstanding quality.

What do you associate with DT Swiss?
We are very connected with DT Swiss! Not only the location Switzerland, we have known many of the employees for a long time and consider them among our friends. Being able to compete all over the world on these wheels is a dream for us and it makes us proud to represent DT Swiss.

On which wheels will you compete at the EWS?
Mainly we will ride the EX 1501 SPLINE ONE 29″ wheels in 30 mm width. These bring all the attributes we need for the races. Stability combined with low weight and acceleration makes it the perfect for us.

Why this size and width?
We decided to go with 29″ because this makes sense with our height of 1.80 m and we are convinced that you have an advantage with this larger wheel size. Obstacles are more easily rolled over and power can be saved on the long stages. Also, the 30 mm inner width we expect additional grip and stability.

How do your friends and family tell you apart?
HAHA, that’s not that difficult:
ABCD: Anita blonde, Caro dark

Gehrig Zwillinge auf DT Swiss Laufrädern

Stay up to date and follow their story here on our blog, on Instagram and on Facebook.

Facebook: TwinsmtbRacing

Instagram: caro_gehrig

Instagram: anitagehrig

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