#roadrevolution18 is name giving to a new campaign which has started off with the presentation of the ERC 1100 DICUT wheelset in December. Throughout the whole year of 2017 we will present a complete new range of DT Swiss ROAD wheels.

Revolution is defined as a fundamental change, taking place in a relatively short period of time, rising up in revolt against the current status quo. Evolution is defined as a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development. Combining the characteristics of both revolution and evolution, our #roadrevolution18 campaign is going to be unique above all.

Over the last few decades DT Swiss has developed from a small spokes manufactory in the “watch-city” of Biel into one of the leading cycling components supplier worldwide. The product portfolio has increased from spokes, over hubs, rims, suspension products and – in the end – complete wheelsets. While MTB related products have a long history at DT Swiss, the ROAD components have longtime been in the shadow of the global known quality of DT Swiss MTB products.

Now the time has come to step out of the shadow and go for the decisive breakaway in the ROAD market – this is what our #roadrevolution18 is all about.

ERC 1100 DICUT - Die #roadrevolution18 hat begonnen

Not long ago road riding was restricted. Restricted to riding on the road, restricted to 23mm tires and restricted to rim brake systems. But times have changed – the road scene has evolved or even revolutionized. Disc brake systems, tire widths of more than 30mm and road bikes on cross country trails are no exception anymore but the new standard.


The new variety in road cycling also requires new solutions and this is where our #roadrevolution18 comes into play. Dividing the ROAD segment into 5 categories, we ensure that every rider gets exactly the wheelset for her/his specific kind of riding style.

The ENDURANCE category has been the first one to be presented, offering wheel solutions for all those who search for long days out on the bike. No matter if you prefer smooth tarmac highways or bumpy gravel roads, Endurance wheels are made for both and combine top notch aerodynamics with comfort and reliability.

DT Swiss #roadrevolution18 endurance category
Discover new roads on our new ENDURANCE wheels.

In the upcoming months until the EUROBIKE 2017 we will present 4 more categories and complete the #roadrevolution18.

Stay tuned!

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