The new R414 shock is a perfect example to show the passion we put into every DT Swiss product. And it rode directly from out testing grounds to a world championship title. Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds from the SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team took all important XC-victories in 2016 on the new DT Swiss shock.

Development: 12/01/2014 – 03/31/2016

Design R414

AS A TECHNICAL CONCEPT the R414 was first laid out in CAD.

THE DESIGN CONCEPT and technical requirements then hat to be aligned.

FEATURES LIKE THE SHAPE & FUNCION of the new O.D.L lever were revised during that process between designers and engineers.

GRAFIC ELEMENTS & SURFACE FINISHES were defined and variations were tested on prototypes.

FURTHER ITERATIONS e.g. of the grooves acting as a graphic element and grip were prototyped and tested.

AS A RESULT, the elegant conical silhouette of the R414 has just the right air volumes for both the positive- and negative air chamber. Form & Function are perfectly united.


Development R414

Parallel to developing the design, lots of testing sessions were done. To get a perfect product, one needs to pay attention to the basic functions and to little details alike – from the ideal spring rate to the right feel of the clicks on the rebound damping dial. The shock’s sensitivity has been greatly improved by the new Liné-Air air chamber with its huge negative air spring volume and by modifications on the compression damping piston. Additionally we optimized the rebound unit to better handle fast, repetitive hits.

Our suspension engineer Sam Zbinden’s workplace is both in the lab and out on the trails – trails he has built himself and as a former DH professional also knows to ride! This is how a truly refined product with a very low weight and high reliability, like all DT Swiss’ products, comes to be. The R414: Super sensitive, great support in the mid stroke and a well defined end stroke progression.

Prototypentest des R414

Winning R414

Since our athletes like Nino Schurter are always involved in the product development process, Nino also received a working prototype of the R414 for testing. Initially developed for trail rides which turn out a little rougher, it was never meant to be used on Nino’s hardcore, trimmed down XC race bike … but sometimes things go differently. Nino was so happy with the R414’s performance, that he chose to race the prototype he got just in time for the 2015 Val di Sole World Cup. He won that race and went on to win the World Championship in Vallnord on that same shock. In 2016 the R414 took some more titles. Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds won the XC World Championships in Nove Mesto and also the most important race of the year where they showed a gloRIOus performance.

DT Swiss teamrider Nino Schurter und Jenny Rissveds
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