DT Swiss team rider Nicholi Rogatkin

Nicholi Rogatkin is one of the world’s best freestyle mountainbikers. At only 21 years of age he has competed and impressed in all of mountainbikings biggest freeride events. We caught up with him to talk about where he comes from, his plans for the season and the future.

Your best riding moment?
Crankworx Rotorua 2016

How did you get to be the rider you are now?
When I was 5, my neighbor showed me dirt jumps near my house and I was instantly into it. My dad got me a little 16’’ bike and I rode those trails everyday. I started competing right away and did my first professional contest when I was 12 years old. I won the BMX Worlds in 2013 and started riding MTB Slopestyle the same year. I have been riding MTB slopestyle full time ever since and that’s where I am now.

What is a typical day for you in the off season/non event season?
Depending on the weather, a typical day in offseason would either consist of hockey and snowboarding, or jetskiing and wakeboarding!

How does a contest day for you typically look like?
Wake up, get stoked, and send it hard as possible!

How do you train?
I train crashing as much as I train riding. Crashes are just as big a part of our sport as bike skill, so they need to be practiced to keep a rider safe when things go wrong.

What tricks are you working on right now?
I work on so many new tricks every day. Which tricks – thats secret 😉

How do you learn new tricks?
Each trick has a different story behind it. Some tricks get learned in one try, some take years of airbag practice to get figured out.

What kind of off-bike training do you do, if you do any?
Being on my bike as much as possible is the best way to train – other than that, I play a ton of hockey!

DT Swiss teamrider Nicholi Rogatkin in action
Nicholi at Crankworx in Rotorua where he finished second this year.

Do you know how much your slopestyle bike weighs?
My bike is one of the lightest in slopestyle, I need it to be light for the big tricks! It’s about 22 pounds (just under 10 kg)

How often do you ride your big bike?
I love riding my big bike, but I’m usually on my hardtail. Last year I was able to ride big bikes for two months straight – from Whistler, to Nine Knights, filming in Utah and then Rampage. It was an absolute blast!

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My goal is to always progress myself and progress the sport as much as possible.

What are the riders you look up to?
I looked up to Dave Mirra the most growing up, and then Jamie Bestwick became a big inspiration to me when I started riding with him at Woodward Camp.

Have you ever raced?
No, I have never raced. I’ve always been very impressed by how fast racers are on a bicycle.

Favorite place to ride?
Highland Mountainbike Park!

Nicholi Rogatkin on DT Swiss wheels
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