Since the beginning of April, DT Swiss is heading in a new direction with their MISSION HYBRID. Passionate eMountainbike riders at DT Swiss recognized that eMTB has several new challenges for the bike componentry to overcome. 

Standard components are not developed for the higher weights, higher torque and longer distances of the eMTB use. With HYBRID, DT Swiss is on the mission to surmount these new challenges with wheels developed specifically for eMTB. Many small but clever improvements to each of the wheel components enables greater performance as well as improved durability. With the following HYBRID Video Series we would like to give you a short behind the scenes look into the testing and development as well as the final HYBRID products.

#1 – The Story

Explore the Story behind the eMTB specific wheels from DT Swiss. Daniel Berger (alias e-Berger) explains the background of the  #MissionHybrid.

#2 – HYBRID hubs

Get some development insight on our Hybrid hubs with our R&D manager Andreas straight out of the test lab.

#3 – Spokes and Rims

Which improvements were necessary for hybrid spokes and rims? Andreas will give you insights in the following video.

#4 – Wheel Building

BPM or Biel Performance Manufacturing is the wheel building department at the headquarters in Biel. Explore the heart of DT Swiss wheel building.

You can find detailed information about our HYBRID products here.

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