KONA BLOG – Tine Holst

The IRONMAN Hawaii. A myth, a legendary event and one of the greatest challenges in triathlon sport. For the first time DT Swiss will be on Big Island for the race together with our brand ambassadors and pro athletes. Reason enough to take a closer look behind the scenes and introduce you to our six qualified pro athletes. The first portrayed athlete is Tine Holst. A story of bad luck, motivation and the power of thoughts.

Throwback to July 2017. Tine Holst finishes the Ironman Switzerland in 2nd place and finally gets her slot at the world championships in Kona after a challenging season so far. Full of motivation Tine began her preparation in August, before crashing with high speed on a training ride and braking her collarbone. Surgery is needed, but Tine doesn’t stop believing and still plans to be at the starting line in Kona. One week later she finally needs to bury her plans. A second surgery is needed and the race on Hawaii turns into an impossible goal.
And still, Tine keeps her guiding principle.

“ Don’t stop believing is above all. I’ve had some pretty hard times in the last few weeks, but that is part of my job and I have to accept it. So far my career has been running accident- and injury-free, which makes me really grateful.”

Her remarkable attitude helps Tine to concentrate on her recovery and not think too much about the race in Hawaii. Precise plans for her next goals will be set as soon as the injury has significantly proceeded. Right now, Tine is enjoying some precious time with her family and friends, and taking advantage of the injury having forced her to spend some much overdue time at home. Besides keeping up with her family, Tine takes the time to have a closer look at her season in review and recharge the batteries.

“ I’d describe myself as a very positive, grateful person, who gets motivation even from small progress. When things are turning bad or not according to a plan, I see challenges and no problems.”

Standing up after being knocked down and never losing one’s goal. There are few athletes like Tine, who really live up to that guiding principle. More than that, Tine not only lives to that principle but also spreads the word. Having great joy in speaking to people, Tine holds workshops and presentations, to share her experience and positive mindset with the world.
Even though we won’t see Tine racing in Kona this year, one can be sure that her motto “don’t stop believing” will guide her back to Hawaii.


“Actually in Kona #FLATOUTFAST counts straight from the gun! It’s not about a specific moment during the race, but rather about being 100% focused in every single moment for nine hours or more.”

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