fog above DT Swiss headquarters

A look at our hometown from a cyclist’s perspective

Our town & our sport

Thick fog is covering the entire city in a gray blanket – for days, sometimes weeks on the end. The “Seeland” Region and its fog – all in all a rather bleak thing if it were not for the Jura range right next to it.

No matter if by bike, running or even by car, many DT Swiss employees (and not only them) get up to the Bötzigenberg during lunch and enjoy a brief moment in the sun. The panoramic view from ist summit with countless alpine Peaks in the distance is simply breathtaking.While the thick fog keeps everything down low hidden in a gray mass, the blue sky and snowcovered peaks tower majestically above it all. Up here all meet for a short rest and deep breath in the sun before diving or riding back down into the mist – only to be back during their next lunch break

When the temperatures finally rise and the trees show their first bright green leaves, one can see more and more DT Swiss Road-Lunchride groups on the beautiful roads of the “Seeland” Region. While winter training has mostly been done in the velodrome in Grenchen, more and more Folks use their breaks or, as days get longer, the evenings to ride one of the classic Lunchride routes. One of them leads from Grenchen up to Romont challenging the riders with a crisp climb. From there one can take a short detour to Plagne and descend back through the Taubenloch gorge, passing the small Zoo en route. Needless to say, that all KOMs on that route are Held firmly by Folks of DT Swiss.

Meeting at Lago Lodge

New to the riding highlights of the area is the Moosligrund pumptrack in Biel. DT Swiss race mechanics Jey and Beranger and others can be found here on many evenings honing their pumping skills. Also rim engineer Andreas Tschanz was deeply involved in the project and so it is no surprise that the pumptrack has a growing fellowship with DT Swiss workers and riders. The fun and work out a pumptrack provides proves to be attractive to many.

While some return from riding trails, others meet after a sunbath at the lake. DT Swiss employees often sit together, enjoying a freshly brewed beer and watching the sun go down over the Jura range to wind down after a working day. From spring to fall the Lago Lodge is a meeting point to relax, talk tech or simply hang out with friends and colleagues. The relaxed atmosphere and the mix of students, cyclists, hipsters, young and old is what defines the special „Lago Lodge Flair”.

Local Hero

Gabriel Hopf riding on DT Swiss road wheels

Quite often one will also see Gabriel Hopf at the Lago Lodge, but most likely he has already done some swimming laps in the open air pool of Nidau or some running along the river Aare beforehand. Gabriel is a triathlete and a local hero. Despite his full time job as a nurse in the Aarberg hospital he trains up to 30 hours a week – all for this year’s season highlight, the Elbaman Triathlon. For a full five years Gabriel has exclusively been on DT Swiss wheels and has done more than one impressive bike split since.

“Ici c’est Bienne” is the battle call of EHC Biel, the citys hockey pride. It represents the lifestyle and pride people have for «their» city, Biel. The newly built Tissot Arena right next to the DT Swiss headquarters is what the EHC calls home. With the start of the ice hockey season in October many take the three minute stroll over to the stadium to cheer for their boys on the ice.

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