How to: Air chamber service – R 414 & R 535 ONE

How to Video:

Air chamber service - R 414

Update July 2018: The service process for the new R 535 ONE shock is the same as this one for the R 414. 


Learn how to do an air chamber service on the DT Swiss shock R 414 in 6 work steps.

For this service you need following replacement kits and tools:

  • Seal kit: CWXXXXXX10095S
  • Grease: Buzzy‘s Slick Honey (40341000AD02000001 = 4.7 dl or TZXXXXXNSLICKS = 20 ml)
  • A Shock pump
  • A vice
  • Standard tools

The 6 work steps:

1. Cleaning and deflating the shock
2. Unscrew the air chamber
3. Changing the sealings of the end cap and the oil chamber tab
4. Changing the sealings of the air chamber
5. Mounting the air chamber
6. Inflating the shock


More detailed manual: PDF English

Do you need support or do you have further question to this topic? Please get in contact with your DT Swiss Service Center.

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