In terms of race results the last 12 months have been the most successful in the history of DT Swiss. This was also the year that, after many seasons of being known for his choice exotic 27.5” tubulars, that Nino made the switch to our new XRC and XMC 29” clinchers.

Nino Schurter

Extensive pre-season testing showed that the material and diameter of the wheel were not the only deciding factor in it’s racing speed, optimal width was also key for optimizing the performance of the wheel and tire as system.

Nino Schurter - Gewinner Goldmedaille in Rio

As a result, Nino chose to race most of 2016 on our premium, XMC 1200 SPLINE trail wheels, despite the 150 gram weight penalty they imposed over our dedicated XC race wheel range. Repeated testing showed they were simply faster thanks to the additional width improving the tire’s performance.
At the same time another one of our riders was going even further. Florian Vogel was choosing to race his Focus O1E using our XM 1501 SPLINE ONE wheels in a full 30 mm width, a wheel width never before seen in professional XCO. We invited him and his team for a test session to look into the results.

Florian Vogel - Focus MTB Team
Testing mit dem Focus Cross Country Team

Together with our Wheel Engineer Andreas Tschanz we tested various rim widths and their performances, using the same tire each time to ensure consistency.

When the tyre was matched to a rim of the optimum width the benefits became obvious, not just for professionals like Nino and Florian but for every rider wanting to improve their ride. The key performance vectors that should interest them are: Traction, Comfort & Efficiency.



Vital in mountain biking, no matter who you are or where you ride.


Another Picture to explain the effects of a wider internal rim width.



Rarely a racer’s no.1 priority when selecting equipment but better comfort means less fatigue and better focus and safer riding at the end of grueling races.




In the end this all adds up to improved efficiency, this is what we all want, more speed and control for our efforts.

Nino Schurters Bike

The result is a wheelset which has been raced already the whole Season from our Top Athletes. As Nino did on the all new XRC 1200 SPLINE 25, with an internal rim width of 25 mm.

The result is the New XRC 1200 SPLINE 25 mm, a new standard in XC race wheels, wider and more efficient than anything that’s come before but light enough to race at the highest levels as Nino has already proven by winning race after race on these during their development.

Florian Vogel im Rennmodus

Whilst Nino was topping podiums on the new XCR’s, Florian Vogel was testing the new 30 mm wide version of the XMC 1200 SPLINE, making it the widest wheel to ever hit a XCO World Cup Podium when he took 5th at Vallnord.

It’s your turn. Which wheelset would you choose? 

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