EWS #2 Manizales- COLOMBIA

From DUST to MUD. The second stop of the EWS promised a completely different challenge to the season opener in Chile. The Enduro World Series turned into the Enduro WET Series. But not only the mud was a different challenge, also the first Urban Downhill Stage meant new demands. Anita Gehrig is reporting…

What a crazy experience to be racing in Manizales, Colombia! After practice day in the jungle of Manizales racing kicked off with an Urban DH Race today. The track was lined with thousands of spectators that created an electric atmosphere on the streets.
The main race in Manizales Colombia proved to be a tough test for the Enduro World. The rain over night spiced things up and converted the tracks into peanut butter slime. In parts unrideable with wheels that were blocked with mud. But the Colombians came in masses to cheer the riders up- the atmosphere track side was electrifying. Definitely a highlight of all the races we have taken part so far.
Caro had a tough day battling the mud and landed on the ground more than once and despite some good stage results she could not do better then 8th. After Anita’s big crash in Chile it was great to see her taking the start, despite the pain. She could score a few valuable points toward the overall coming in 11th.

“After my big crash in Chile I’m really happy i could finish this race. The thousands of spectators pushed me trough the pain and I wouldn’t want to miss a beat of this special race. Manizales put on a mind blowing show! Now I’m looking forward to fully recover and prepare for the next round in France in a few weeks time.” – Anita

“Colombia put on a hell of a race for us and exceeded all my expectations by far, it was surely one of the best organized races ever and the fans were just unreal! The racing proved to be super difficult in the thick mud, with a lot of sections being unrideable. The cheering spectators kept my spirits high and I managed to score a few good stage results but overall I couldn’t really ride like I was hoping… #respectthetripod“ – Caro

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