EWS #1 Lo Barnechea – The fine line of failure & success

The offseason and hours and hours spent training and getting ready for the 2018 EWS came to a close with the opening round in the beautiful chilean Andes. The first big race of the season was going to be an epic showcase on who has put in the work to succeed this year, the long stages and unforgiving terrain called #Antigrip took no prisoners. Caro reports:

Three stages on Saturday and Sunday doesn’t sound like too much but if you have to tackle 1800 hm in 11 km of descending in one single stage you know you are up for a big task. Both started the race well and got used to the conditions pretty quickly, towards the end of the day we finally had our engines heated up and the winter cobwebs shaken off to find ourselves on 2nd & 5th place of the third stage. This secured us a 6th and 8th overall for the first day of racing and the close times between the women motivated us to push hard in the second day.

Unfortunately for Anita things turned around really quick and one minute into stage 4 on Sunday she suffered a huge over the bars into a steep rock chute that forced her to retire from the race. A big cut on her hand and bruised all over her body but still in good spirits and hoping for a fast recovery so she can try and race in Colombia at round two. This is the first of EWS race that Anita entered and didn’t finish, and she is one of the very few people that have raced ALL of them.

Captain consistency found her limit in the chilean antigrip… I started into the first stage yesterday with a bit of a blur in my head just not in the focus i usually find myself in. Then things escaleted quickly as i realized i was coming into the rocky chute way too quick. I got ejected over the bars and flew into the rocks bouncing of several times.. Despite probably the biggest crash of my life I feel extremly lucky that I don’t seem to have anything major other then stiches in my hand and a all bruised body. I’ll have some X-rays today hopefully those are ok. Top level sport is no joke and sometimes the linie of sucess or failure is very thin.“ – Anita Gehrig

Caro had a good second day of racing and fortunately didn’t get too distracted from Anitas crash and just kept on hanging on the Gazz. She was able to secure some really good stages results and finished the race on an awesome 5th place!

“This first EWS was set to be one of the kind where it’s not over until it’s over. Many mechanicals & crashes on the unpredictable terrain made it a true survival test. Stoked to get away with a 5th place after a long winter! I’m excited to build up the pace that I’m gonna need to be in the mix at the very sharp end of the competition this year! Super excited on round two in Colombia next week!”

Find out more about Caro & Anita’s wheels here.

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