Early September a special company event takes place for the second time. This is not an usual company event, no, it is a special challenge. Nothing less than the conquest of our home mountain, the Mont Chasseral.

Review of last year’s event

Last year we had the “Mon Chasseral Race” for the first time. It is our DT Swiss internal mountain time trial race over 7.5 km from les Savagnières up on the legendary Mont Chasseral, 1.600 meters above sea level.

DT Swiss employees are able to participate in the race in three different categories. The more ambitious riders are grouped in the “lactate” category. Riders in this category have to cope with the 35 km long ride up to the starting line in addition to the time trial course. The participants of the “Challenge” category are able to tackle the challenge of the steep uphill route either by MTB or by road bike. Approaching the start line by bus, the riders are able to save some energy. The “Easy Rider” category gives participants the opportunity to complete the challenge of 7.5 km with E-MTBs. Thanks to these three categories, the event offers the chance to master the challenge for everyone, according to their fitness level. About 80 DT Swiss employees had a lot of fun last year and the excitement for the upcoming second event next months is great. But time is running out.

Top of Chasseral
The finish line right next to the famous tower at the top of Mont Chasseral.
three lakes region
The view over the three lakes region up to the Alps rewards for the hard effort.
Dt Swiss Factory Team
Everyone was happy to manage the challenge!

Just one month left! It will be close!

In fact, many participants from the “lactate” and “challenge” group got motivated and certain rivalries have formed since the first edition. Little rivalries in form of team-internal ranking lists or as a competition between departments and colleagues emerged. At the BBQ right after last year’s event many colleagues let themselves get talked into new duals for the next race. The only goal is to beat the time of their rival on that day in September.

Last year, many DT Swiss employees got inspired to start cycling and to participate in this year`s race. Many training kilometers and meters of altitude have been completed since then. Always in the backs of their minds is the fact that others would analyze the outcome on Strava. On the MTB or with the road bike, together or in secret, various participants have prepared themselves for the race next month and a common goal for training rides was the top of Mont Chasseral.

Already in the beginning of December one day after the company’s christmas party, a few colleagues had set themselves the challenge to ride up the Mont Chasseral in icy winter tempratures. They made their way to the top to enjoy the beautiful view over the three lakes region at 1.600 meters above sea level at -6 degrees Celsius. This torture at these temperatures paid off when it came to the reactions of the colleagues. You can imagine how they reacted the next Monday in the office. “They’re crazy to ride up to the Chass in this cold!!” What the colleagues really wanted to say was “oh no now they have 75 km more in the legs than me”.

Sunshine above the clouds
Sunshine above the clouds
Uphill in the shade of the Mont Chasseral.
Uphill in the shade of the Mont Chasseral.

Every chance was taken ever since, in order to make the colleagues feel unprepared. The colleagues were teasing each other with more or less serious suggestions and inputs, especially from the “lactate group”. “Do you feel prepared for the race?” “On Strava, I saw you took a break again, what’s going on?” “Do you think you can allow yourself this piece of cake? The Chass race is right around the corner!”

Early September we will see who has prepared the best. Who was able to withstand the cake and who wasn`t. In any case, we are all looking forward to the second edition of this great event, no matter who will take the win.

Obviously, there is not much time left until the race. Therefore, everyday around 6:00 pm the offices are empty and different groups of riders come together in front of the main building to hit the road for a great training loop. Everyone uses the remaining training time in the hopes of getting the best out of themselves. Soon we will know who worked the hardest…. Stay tuned, updates will follow.

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