Revolution is defined as a fundamental change, taking place in a relatively short period of time, rising up in revolt against the current status quo. Evolution is defined as a gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development. Combining the characteristics of both revolution and evolution our roadrevolution18 campaign is unique above all. Explore our 5 new road categories.



The Aero-Revolution.
Aerodynamics describe the interaction of an object with its surrounding medium: air. The goal was to create the most efficient and complete system, without any compromises in weight, stiffness and braking performance. Long story short: To us aero means being faster than ever before.

In order to reach these goals we teamed up with the industry leader in aero performance SWISS SIDE, which lead to a revolutionary approach when it comes to aero- development. From Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation over wind tunnel tests to the final product.

The holistic optimization of the following components leads to a benchmark setting product:

• CDF and wind tunnel optimized rims in 3 different heights (80/62/48 mm), tubeless ready
• 17mm rim width suitable for 23 and 25mm tires
• Available for rim and disc brake
• Aero hub and SINC ceramic bearings

Find more information in our AERO CATEGORY.

Choosing new roads, we also took the step to edit our wheel naming concept. In the chart below, you can find out about the new naming contellation of our new road wheels.



Evolution in the field of “performance”: The new performance wheels can be seen as the result of our 5-year sponsorship with the Swiss Pro-Tour team IAM Cycling. Endless hours of testing and discussing with world-class riders and their mechanics brought us tons of valuable feedback. Improved carbon lay-up for precise and safe braking on long downhills, the perfect spoke combination for ideal stiffness and the most advanced hub technology for thousands of kilometers with low friction and outstanding quality are only a few points to mention.

The further development of the RC 38 SPLINE from 2013 to the PRC 1400 SPLINE is obvious:

• While the weight has stayed the same, the inner rim width was increase by 20 % to a contemporary 18 mm and is so suitable for 25 mm tires.
• Increased rear wheel side stiffness of 15 % through minor adaptions to the hub.
• Massive 20% increase in heat resistance through optimized carbon lay up.

This year we developed 16 new wheel models in all DT SWISS performance levels. Just to mention a few new examples; carbon models with 240s Ratchet System hub , high end alu models with just high quality 240s Ratchet System hub as well as 350 Ratchet System hub, but also alu rims with 370 Pawl hubs.

Find more information in our PERFORMANCE CATEGORY.



Comfort meets aero!
Endurance means to pursue a goal, no matter what might happen along the way. Each and every wheel in the DT Swiss Endurance line up is designed with this goal in mind. They unite top notch aerodynamics and comfort as well as reliability and handling, through the revolutionary AERO+ approach. Aero+ means reducing the drag, improving the handling and optimizing efficiency. Our ERC 1100 DICUT wheel has a very low drag number at all relevant yaw angles, is the best handling wheel in wind situations commonly found on the road and provides comfort, grip and minimal rolling resistance through 20 mm inner rim width. These are all excellent arguments to stay aero.

More information in our ENDURANCE CATEGORY.



Compensation or rest periods sound foreign to you?! When it starts getting colder outside, the days shorter, people starting to place their bikes in the basement, then this is where the season really starts for you. Whether you are cutting through mud, dancing on icy, frozen trails or exploring dusty desert roads, you will feel the great efficiency of our DT SWISS cross road wheels. Wide straight pull spokes attached to a beautifully machined, high end Ratchet System hub will keep encouraging you to attack new challenges as soon as the last one is over.

The DT SWISS CR 1600 SPLINE & C 1800 SPLINE are just the beginning and will give you just a little taste of further great wheels to come.



In our mind, the track can be a line in the velodrome or your visualized line through city traffic. Simplicity is key, from the minimalistic graphics to the purist hubs and a classic wheel build. DT Swiss Track wheels are a beautiful choice, whether your loop ends at the finish line or at your front door.

Tucked in the pack with a narrow profile for maximum efficiency, that’s what you’re aiming for when racing your friends and competitors in the oval or a crit. The TRC 1400 DICUT makes this wish come true. But if you just want to live to the trackstyle with swiss high-end engineering in the streets of your city, T 1800 CLASSIC alu wheel is your choice.

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