New Products – CRC 1100 SPLINE & CRC 1400 SPLINE

The cyclocross season has come to an end, but the best is yet to come. Today we proudly present two new high-end wheelsets within our CROSS ROAD category. The CRC 1100 SPLINE & the CRC 1400 SPLINE. Both wheelsets have been tested throughout the harshest conditions of a complete cx-season this winter. Supporting Eli Iserbyt & Michael Vanthourenhout on their way to a gold and a silver medal at the World Championships in Valkenburg they are already world-class proved.


The pinnacle of the Cross Road category. A wheel set made for all those cyclocross enthusiasts out there racing every weekend from October until February. The cyclocross specific carbon tubular rim, laced to a straight pull 240s based hub with SINC Ceramic bearings, combines maximum reliability for the harsh off-road use with superb performance.


A wheelset for all these challenges off the beaten roads. The full carbon tubeless ready rim, laced to a straight pull 240s based hub, combines maximum reliability for the harsh off-road use with superb performance. Perfectly suited for the use of extra-wide tubeless tires, you’ll be impressed by the combination of lightweight, comfort and grip while searching for new adventures off the beaten roads.



The target of our engineering crew was to develop a rim that perfectly harmonizes with CX tubular tires and therefore contributes to a benchmarking cyclocross racing wheelset. The rim width of 26 mm secures an ideal support of the tire, while the rim depth of 38 mm adds to the perfect blend of lightweight and all-terrain usability. The carbon structure of these rims secures highest durability and is the result of endless hours of extensive in-house testing. The rim shape is specially designed for the use of CX tubular tires with a less pronounced rim bed than standard tubular rims.


Taking a closer look at the rim of the CRC 1400 SPLINE it’s quite obvious that this rim is made for the tough off-road usage as well. CX-tires of 32 mm and even wider gravel rubbers get an ideal support through the 22 mm wide hookless rim. At the same time the rim comes up with only 24 mm of rim depth and an astonishing 390 g on the scale. The hookless rim design allows for an optimized arrangement of the carbon layers and fibre orientation to increase the impact resistance. Last but not least the rim is tubeless ready enhancing off-road usability through increased comfort, better rolling resistance and less pinch flat risk.


The CRC wheels feature the lightest alloy hubs we have ever made. Incorporating all the know how we have and using the best materials available it is as strong and reliable as it is light. 36T Ratchet System, superior bearing technology, optimized hub shell geometry and the service-friendly no-tool concept make these hubs the unmatched industry benchmark. Take a look at the chart below to find out the differences between the hub of the CRC 1100 SPLINE T and the CRC 1400 SPLINE.


The spokes play an integral role in the performance of a wheelset. Weight, stiffness, durability and maintenance are all significantly influenced by the spoke set-up. To secure an ideal interference between the spokes and the rim external Pro Lock squorx nipples are built into the CRC wheels.

24 DT aerolite spokes on the front wheel and 24 DT aero comp spokes on the rear wheel offer the perfect blend of lightweight and high stiffness. The straightpull spoke head allows high and even spoke tension. No matter how many hurdles you’ll tackle, the CRC wheels will keep their strength.


With the launch of these two new carbon wheelsets the cross road category has been completed:

Our entry level wheelset with pawl freehub technology and a tubeless ready clincher rim.

One quality step above with a sleeved alloy rim laced to a 18T Ratchet System SPLINE hub.

A tubeless ready carbon clincher rim build up with a 240s based Ratchet System hub.

A tubular carbon rim laced to a 240s based SPLINE hub with SINC Ceramic bearings.


Any doubts that these wheels will perform the way we promise?
Maybe our “testriders” results at the Cylocross World Championship in Valkenburg can bring some more credibility…

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    December 01, 2018, 8:40 pm

    Salve, le CRC 1400 SPLINE possono montare copertoncini da 25 per un utilizzo solamente stradale?

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