BPM is an acronym for Biel Performance Manufacturing, our wheel building department at the headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. It is right here where the magic of DT Swiss wheel building happens. 

When it comes to the performance of a wheelset there are two main factors to be considered. The quality of the components and the quality of the wheel building process. Ever since known for our benchmark-setting components, we have also invested heavily in the performance of our wheel building process over the last decade. It is the combination of these two factors which ensure the outstanding quality of DT Swiss wheels today.

BPM - Biel Performance Manufacturing
BPM - Biel Performance Manufacturing

Marcel Waldmann and his team of wheel building professionals are the people behind those superb products. The great expertise of these guys, is the key feature of the BPM department. When it comes to the art of wheel building, they are as close to perfection as it can get. Working with highest precision and the smallest possible tolerances, which no machine ever will reach, they have the experience of thousands of wheels built up over the past ten years.

Numerous world champion titles, stages at the Tour de France and even Olympic medals have been won by DT Swiss athletes in the last few years. All of these athletes rode on wheels, which have been handcrafted in the BPM in Switzerland.

BPM - Biel Performance Manufacturing

The feedback of these world-class athletes and the close cooperation with our sponsored teams is a vital part of the wheel development, as well as the wheel building process in the BPM. Being able to build up prototypes and special racing wheelsets with different combinations of components gives us the chance to develop products, which are convincing with performance out there on the road and the trails. And it doesn’t matter if you are Nino Schurter or Daniela Ryf fighting for world champion titles, enjoying your after-work rides with colleagues, or going all out at the local club ride – the superior performance of DT Swiss wheels will convince every rider.

High quality worldwide

Therefore all the processes and methods we are using in BPM are transferred to our serial production too. With regular workshops and courses for all wheel building employees worldwide BPM is also the heart of our internal training program, making sure that our serial production offers the same outstanding quality.

BPM - Biel Performance Manufacturing

From prototype samples for our internal testing lab, to customer first deliveries and sponsored athletes wheelsets, roundabout 200 wheels are built up each week in BPM. A precise working flow and optimized working stations secure a smooth process. From the unique backing oven for the waterslide decals, the precise truing tools, the computer based reading program of the tolerances or the tubeless tape machine, each and every step in the wheel building process gets optimized continuously. Still the handcrafted wheel building experience of Marcel and his team makes up the outstanding quality of a wheelset produced in the BPM.

Overall there is one primary target behind the Biel Performance Manufacturing – to make sure that you guys – our customers – can rely on high-quality DT Swiss wheelsets, no matter if you are shredding your favorite trails, flying down epic mountain roads or exploring the finest gravel paths.

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