60 women – 60 inspirations to ride

At DT Swiss we love to support women in the cycling industry. What’s important for us is the right mindset, the character, the personality and how they are working towards their goals. We love to see the sparkle in their eyes, as they talk about their passion. It’s one of the things that convinces us over and over again to continue going in that direction.

By now we are supporting more than 60 outstanding female athletes.

60 different personalities

60 inspiring stories

60 reasons (or even more) to get on the bike

Throughout the year we want to tell the inspiring stories of the women at DT Swiss. You will get to know some of the women, who work in different departments and are passionate cyclists, bikers or triathletes. At the beginning we want to emphasize our sponsored athletes.
We asked ten of them to tell us what cycling means for them and about their reasons to ride. You want to know what inspires them to get on the bike day by day? Here you go:

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